A Hub for Culture, Innovation and Education

600 Broad Street (the "Old Chamber Building") officially opened on April 3, 2014. Since that time we have had the pleasure of working with the following tenants, users and partners:

  • Augusta's "Momentum" Program training arts non-profits in a 2 year program (ARC is a sponsor)
  • Greater Augusta Arts Council and their Community Gallery
  • Southeastern Filmmaker's Association
  • First Friday's Organizing Committee
  • Greater Augusta Youth Theatre
  • East Coast Entertainment
  • Reflecting Pool Productions
  • Ronic West, r3 Unlimited
  • Augusta Black Chamber Of Commerce
  • Priscilla Gary, Enhanced Career Services
  • 4P Studios
  • Augusta's Downtown Development Agency

Our current tenants are:

  • GollyGood Software: "We are a small software development firm that places professionalism and quality as paramount. By doing so, we maintain great relationships with our clients and create secure, maintainable, and extensible software that remains easy to use and viable to our clients' present and future needs." https://www.gollygoodsoftware.com 
  • A Hand to Hold: "A Hand to Hold is the nation’s premier and largest provider of professionally and reputable at-home care for seniors with a A Hand to Hold Care Manager." http://ahandtohold.com 
  • GPK Construction Group, LLC: "GPK, LLC is a regional construction services company which delivers superior quality interior and exterior finishes.  We specialize in non-structural metal framing, drywall and acoustical ceiling installation.  www.gpkllcgov.com
  • Prime Commercial Properties: "Prime Commercial Properties is a full service commercial real estate firm. We specialize in historic properties located in downtown Augusta, Georgia." http://www.prime-properties.net/
  • Patterson-Brown & Associates Management Solutions"PBA is a management consulting firm which specializes in contract compliance, business diversity, staff augmentation, business development and employee training." www.pba-diversity.com
  • Reflecting Pool Productions: "Augusta's Premier TV and Film Company." http://reflectingpoolproductions.com/

Want to join us? We still have space for individuals, arts organizations and events. Click here to apply to use any of our spaces.

600 Broad is unique in Augusta. Designed by world renowned architect I.M. Pei, it was originally built as a signal of Augusta's pending urban renewal. Sadly, soon after it was built, downtown Augusta began a decline that only recently has begun to turn around with a series of investments public and private.

We are seeking partners, tenants, artists and organizations to join us as we jump into the center of downtown Augusta to support culture, innovation and education!

If you are looking for space in the center of downtown for an event, a gallery show, a non-profit, a class, a business or anything having to do with culture, innovation and/or education, please contact us.

ARC Corporation has selected this building as the first project in urban Augusta in a corridor that is destined to become a Culture & Innovation District: a place for creativity, for exciting events, for entrepreneurs, good restaurants and a safe place for families and students to come and enjoy the increasingly vibrant downtown core.

The City has designated ARC Corporation the steward of this building for ten years, and contributed about 1/3 of the money needed for its redevelopment. For the last year, ARC has been working with local vendors to repair and rehabilitate this building and ready it for community use.