Mission and Vision

The Augusta Regional Collaboration (ARC) Project is an action-based, collaborative think-tank focused on the coordination and leveraging of dynamic regional assets in order to maximize investment potential into Augusta/Richmond County. ARC’s method is to utilize economic development tools to amplify the growth and productivity of four regional economic clusters which, when intertwined, provide a backbone of sustainable growth and repositioning of the urban core, which in turn provides an engine of growth for the Richmond County as a whole as well as the CSRA.  These four include: 

  • Technology & Life-Science Entrepreneurship 
  • Regional Jobs Strategy around Energy & Sustainability 
  • Cultural, Creative and Innovation Economy
  • Educational Clusters 

In each of these four areas, ARC directs investments into the built environment as well as creates social infrastructure that leads to a vibrant downtown, reduced unemployment and repositioned regional competitive advantage. As a point of departure, ARC’s goals: 

  • Create a technology & life-science incubator and business accelerator
  • Design and implement a green collar works program that reduces Augusta’s energy usage and carbon footprint, targeted at training local workers in immediately applicable trades 
  • Develop a downtown Culture & Innovation District, increasing the impact of entertainment and culture on downtown development
  • Coordinate with Georgia Regents University and Paine College to direct more housing into the urban core

ARC will measure its success by the following metrics: 

  • Investment of $100M+ in the downtown built environment; 
  • Creation of 2000+ more residents downtown (a 68% increase); 
  • Reducing urban unemployment by 40%; 
  • Reducing urban commercial real estate vacancy by 50%; 
  • Anti-Gentrification: Retention of all current local businesses and residents that request assistance within our first year of operations; 

These particular efforts and metrics are not the only important areas of investment, and are just the beginning of the creation of a thriving regional economy. Together, they represent a focused investment in the knowledge and innovation economy. They were chosen based on their highly leveraged effect (multiplicative), their synergy, their potential for exponential growth, and due to their identification by local residents as a priority.  ARC will serve as a regional coordinator to accomplish these efforts first, and then turn to the community to determine next steps after thorough review of process, budget and results.